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Well, here we are, the end of 2018. 2018 has been the craziest year we've had yet. We've moved server hosts so many times it's actually incredible. The most surprising part to me is after all of that, we wound up back to where we were in the beginning. A lot has changed about SN10Hub since the start and end of 2018. To all of you who were here since the early days in 2017, you can see this too!

I always had hoped that SN10Hub would grow to be something amazing, and we're very well on our way there. An amazing example of how far SN10Hub has come in terms of development and everything else this year is actually our most popular game, Hail. Many of you may not know this but Hail is not a new server. Hail was originally named PrisunPvP, and released late 2017 and its lifespan lasted through early 2018. In between the end of PrisunPvP and the start of its recreation (Hail was called PrisunPvP a while after being created), I got a lot better at making servers, got a builder that knows how to make amazing, beautiful builds and I gained better development skills and ideas in general to complement the better builds.

Screenshot of PrisunPvP (early 2018):

PrisunPvP Classic

Screenshot of Hail (early 2019):


A lot has changed here, as you can clearly see. A lot happened that was not directly tied to Hail this year too, although Hail was definitely one of our most important releases, it wasn't the most important one. But first, it's time to take a step back and look through 2018 for SN10Hub from the very start.

The Success of PrisunPvP

So, yeah. Even though it was a terrible server at the time, PrisunPvP was VERY successful. This was because the concept of "Gen PVP" had not been capitalized on by every Minehut server ever at the time, and the additional features offered by it such as the custom items like fireballs and ender teleporters as well as powerups such as the Wing Cap that would go on to be removed from the SN10Hub Alpha 2.0 remake (Hail) were enough to get people interested and coming back. The server had a very active fanbase and in fact, the reason the SN10Hub Alpha 2.0 remake of it was still named PrisunPvP was to appeal to the long-term veterans that had missed the original server by promising them with the same game they had played back then but with a much better experience and the modern SN10Hub feel to it.

Moving to MineNation

This was quite possibly one of the best and worst decisions we made at the same time. At the same time that it made a split in the community (half Minehut half MineNation), it caused us to lose a lot of players because most of our players joined our servers through Minehut, not directly. Nevertheless, we got some nice things during MineNation's lifetime, such as 24/7 server hosting and the first time we really got to use BungeeCord. Also, it was the time I met Hundeklemmen/Alexander, who has helped me a lot with some development and he is still helping us with some things today (but he doesn't develop things in-game, only backend stuff such as parts of our API).

The 1-Year Anniversary

June 22, 2018, was the SN10Hub 1-Year Anniversary! It was planned to be such a big thing too. There was going to be limited time events, giveaways and more to celebrate a full year since our initial creation! However, things didn't go so well. That exact day is the day a massive error happened with MineNation and all of our servers were offline. We had nowhere to host since we had no money and couldn't use Minehut and I didn't know of any free hosts at the time. We went several months with no in-game servers. The community was at its all-time low during this time and we lost tons of members.


The end of summer was when everything changed though. Easily the most important server was released: MinehutUHC. A lot of people don't realize it, but MinehutUHC was easily one of if not the most important server for SN10Hub in 2018. There are multiple important things about it:

  1. It was our first server after months of absence
  2. It was on Minehut. It was the step we needed to get back into the Minehut community
  3. MinehutUHC was the first server designed using AlphaCore - SN10Hub's private, global core system that is used on all our modern servers (even Hail!)
  4. It got us an active community on Minehut again

For those of you who joined us during MinehutUHC, thank you. You joined us during a terrible time for SN10Hub as a whole and helped us get back on our feet again. And to those of you who donated during MinehutUHC's lifetime, an even bigger thank you to you, as you went on to fund the development of Hail, which as you could probably tell, was and is a major thing for us!

To all of you who miss MinehutUHC, don't worry! 2019 is bright! MinehutUHC will be coming back as a part of SN10Hub Alpha 2.0, which itself has a lot to promise for you. Hail itself is only a very small part of SN10Hub Alpha 2.0, so be sure to stick around! 😄

Hail - Our Biggest Success Yet

Hail originally started off on Minehut as an AlphaCore-powered recreation of PrisunPvP, and it did decently well during its beta days on Minehut. A little while through development, we became partnered with (we no longer are) and they gave us a 24/7 server, so I decided to put Hail on there, because why not. There was actually a period of time where both the Minehut and Kingdoms versions were maintained together until an update was being worked on on the Kingdoms version that lead to the Minehut version being incompatible (using the addon skript-db which is not offered by Minehut). So at that point, I had dropped support for the Minehut edition and it was officially considered to be an "Operational, but no longer receiving content updates" server. Eventually, the Kingdoms admins started taking too long to do simple things and overall treated me wrong. So I decided I was done with them. At that point I took the server back to Minehut, applied the compatible updates and continued with the non-database-sided version of the system on Minehut, and the Kingdoms version is now no longer functional. Back when this happened is when I changed the server's name to Hail too! It wasn't long after re-release that Hail became one of the most popular servers on Minehut. Once we got featured by Super League for the first time, I knew it was getting real. Here we are now, the first Super League featured server on Minehut, and I could never dream of going back to Kingdoms ever again.

A look forward into 2019

2018 has been our best year so far, sure. But 2019 is going to be even better. 2019 is the year of SN10Hub Alpha 2.0, which is going to completely revolutionize Minehut as a whole. If you guys thought Hail was an incredible server (which it is), get ready for several more servers with that same incredible feeling. And hey, you don't like Hail? That's fine! Just try out SN10Hub Alpha 2.0 when it comes out. With such a large library of games planned, it'll be worth it! I can personally guarentee you will find something that you like! I'm not going to completely give away all the details of SN10Hub Alpha 2.0 right now, of course. More information on it will be coming bit by bit over the next few months 😉

I hope you all had a fantastic 2018, I personally did myself. I hope we all have an even better 2019! ❤️

New Website

After a long time of us not having one, SN10Hub has a website again! New announcements, updates, feature requests and more will be posted here as well as on the SN10Hub Discord. This will also be the official place to appeal a punishment you have gotten from a staff member if you have!

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