SN10Hub Appeals:

Believe you've been falsely punished on our servers? This is the go-to place to dispute your punishments. Please note that if you are trying to appeal being banned by a staff member for cheating, you should try to have them screen-share you. If you were banned falsely by the anti-cheat (your ban reason will not say "Manually banned"), then you can appeal it here. If you believe a bug in the anti-cheat was causing you to get punished, please try to help us replicate this bug so we can patch it!

If you were punished and you feel you to did not deserve it, try to include as much information as you can. This information could be:

1. What you were punished for

2. When you were punished

3. The staff member that punished you

4. Why you believe your punishment should be removed

Abuse of the appeal system to try to get out of a punishment that you clearly deserve may result in future appeals being automatically denied, so only appeal a punishment if you feel it is absolutely necessary!

Ready to create an appeal? Click here to create an appeal!